Terms + Conditions


Please carefully read the terms and agreements

Please Read:
How to book: I require a 150$ deposit for palm size and a percentage down for sleeve work either dropped off at the shop or venmo. This insures your appointment should you have to cancel for any reason and I apply it to the tattoo. Please bring CASH ONLY to the appointment. I run 150/hr unless otherwise quoted. If you do have to cancel I need 48 hours to fill the appointment. if you should cancel the deposit is non refundable. To save us both time, send me over 5- 10 references, where you would like it ( include a picture of the area) and the dimensions you would like it to be. Since I custom draw everything, I need time before the appointment so preferably immediately after we book a time with you I need the references. On the day of your appointment please eat, come alone or with a plus one due the space.

1.) Venmo: @theantlercollective
2.) Post a ☑️ in the comment box on venmo so I can see your deposit and verify a date!
3.) In person: Drop it off at the shop in which the tattoo will be done. If youre in another state, please send your deposit electronically.

To help you search:
Dot work
Black and grey
Trash polka
Line work tattoo
Sacred geometry
Fine line
Art nouveau


If you are looking for script please search on www.dafont.com type in what you want your tattoo to say and search for fonts you like. I will customize script if the appointment is booked in advance.


Aftercare is 25$ and I will supply you with what you need to care for your tattoo. Weve taken special care to go with more natural methods of healing. If you would prefer to not go this route for your care let me suggest something else for you.

My main method of healing is through medical bandages such as Saniderm or Second skin this is the fastest process to healing your tattoo.

1.) Wear it for 5 days
2.) pull off slowly in the shower with warm water and dial gold antibacterial soap.
3.) follow normal aftercare with preferred natural healing salve.
If you are allergic to adhesive please tell me and SEE BELOW

My second preferred method

I recommend Dial gold liquid antibacterial soap and a preferred natural healing salve. 2-3 times daily till fully healed. If this cannot be found or out of stock then please use aquaphor.

Good luck on your search!